Andrea Zaghini

Research Department
Bank of Italy, Italy

SSRN Author Page

CFS Working Papers

217 Joao Miguel Sousa, Andrea Zaghini Global Monetary Policy Shocks in the G5: A SVAR Approach Central Banking & Monetary Economics2006
238 Silvio Colarossi, Andrea Zaghini Gradualism, Transparency and Improved Operational Framework: A Look at the Overnight Volatility Transmission Central Banking & Monetary Economics2007
269 Serena Lamartina, Andrea Zaghini Increasing Public Expenditures: Wagner’s Law in OECD Countries Central Banking & Monetary Economics2008
424 Daniele Pianeselli, Andrea Zaghini The Cost of Firms’ Debt Financing Monetary Policy and Financial Markets2013
454 Andrea Zaghini Bank Bonds: Size, Systemic Relevance and the Sovereign Monetary Policy and Financial Markets2014
463 Piergiorgio Alessandri, Sergio Masciantonio, Andrea Zaghini Everything you always wanted to know about systemic importance (but were afraid to ask) Monetary Policy and Financial Markets2014
505 Andrea Silvestrini, Andrea Zaghini Financial Shocks and the Real Economy in a Nonlinear World: From Theory to Estimation Monetary Policy & Financial Stability2015financial crisis, nonlinearities, financial shocks
530 Andrea Zaghini Fragmentation and Heterogeneity in the Euro – Area Corporate Bond Market: Back to normal? Corporate Finance & Financial Markets2016