Dr. Günter Coenen

Head of Division
European Central Bank, Germany

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CFS Working Papers

No. Researcher Title Category Year Keywords
143 Günter Coenen, Volker Wieland Exchange-Rate Policy and the Zero Bound on Nominal Interest Central Banking & Monetary Economics 2004
639 Günter Coenen, Carlos Montes-Galdón, Frank Smets Effects of State-Dependent Forward Guidance, Large-Scale Asset Purchases and Fiscal Stimulus in a Low-Interest-Rate Environment Monetary Policy & Financial Stability 2020
578 Günter Coenen, Michael Ehrmann, Gaetano Gaballo, Peter Hoffmann, Anton Nakov, Stefano Nardelli, Eric Persson, Georg H. Strasser Communication of monetary policy in unconventional times Monetary Policy & Financial Stability 2017
478 Anders Warne, Günter Coenen, Kai Christoffel Marginalized Predictive Likelihood Comparisons of Linear Gaussian State-Space Models with Applications to DSGE, DSGE-VAR, and VAR Models Monetary Policy and Financial Markets 2014 Bayesian inference, density forecasting, Kalman filter, missing data, Monte Carlo integration, predictive likelihood
427 Günter Coenen, Anders Warne Risks to Prize Stability, the Zero Lower Bound and Forward Guidance: A Real-Time Assessment Monetary Policy and Financial Markets 2013
88 Günter Coenen, Andrew Levin, Volker Wieland Data Uncertainty and the Role of Money as an Information Variable for Monetary Policy Central Banking & Monetary Economics 2003
89 Günter Coenen, Volker Wieland A Small Estimated Euro Area Model with Rational Expectations and Nominal Rigidities Central Banking & Monetary Economics 2003
90 Günter Coenen, Volker Wieland The Zero-Interest-Rate and the Role of the Exchange Rate for Monetary Policy in Japan Central Banking & Monetary Economics 2003
94 Günter Coenen, Athanasios Orphanides, Volker Wieland Price Stability and Monetary Policy Effectiveness when Nominal Interest Rates are Bounded at Zero Central Banking & Monetary Economics 2003
656 Günter Coenen, Carlos Montes-Galdón, Sebastian Schmidt Macroeconomic stabilisation and monetary policy effectiveness in a low-interest-rate environment Monetary Policy & Financial Stability 2021