Prof. Dr. Christina Bannier

Professor of Corporate Finance
University of Mainz, Germany

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CFS Working Papers

258 Christian Hirsch, Christina Bannier The Economics of Rating Watchlists: Evidence from Rating Changes Credit Management & Credit Markets2008
110 Christina Bannier Privacy or Publicity - Who Drives the Wheel? Trading and Pricing in Financial Markets2003
475 Christina Bannier, Eberhard Feess, Natalie Packham Incentive Schemes, Private Information and the Double-Edged Role of Competition for Agents Financial Stability and Banking Regulation2014Incentive compensation, screening, imperfect labor market competition, vertical differentiation, cross-subsidy
476 Christina Bannier, Markus Wiemann Performance-Sensitive Debt – the Intertwined Effects of Performance Measurement and Pricing Grid Asymmetry Financial Stability and Banking Regulation2014Performance pricing, performance-sensitive debt, accounting data, credit ratings, underinvestment, collateral
509 Christina Bannier, Carolin Schürg Corporate Investment, Debt and Liquidity Choices in the Light of Financial Constraints and Hedging Needs Monetary Policy & Financial Stability2015Cash flow sensitivity, investment, debt issuance, cash holdings
528 Christina Bannier, Milena Neubert Actual and perceived financial sophistication and wealth accumulation: The role of education and gender Household Finance & Retail Banking2016
583 Christina Bannier, Thomas Pauls, Andreas Walter CEO-speeches and stock returns Corporate Finance & Financial Markets2017
584 Christina Bannier, Dennis Sinzig Finanzwissen und Vorsorgesparverhalten Monetary Policy & Financial Stability2017
585 Milena Schwarz, Christina Bannier Gender- and education-related effects of financial sophistication on wealth accumulation: Evidence from heteroscedasticity-based instruments Corporate Finance & Financial Markets2017