Prof. Dr. Christian Leuz

Joseph Sondheimer Professor of International Economics, Finance and Accounting
University of Chicago, United States

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CFS Working Papers

No. Researcher Title Category Year Keywords
97 Christian Leuz, Jens Wüstemann The Role of Accounting in the German Financial System Law and Economics of Financial Organizations 2003
675 Matthias Breuer, Christian Leuz, Steven Vanhaverbeke Reporting Regulation and Corporate Innovation Economics and Finance 2021
623 Joao Granja, Christian Leuz, Raghuram G. Rajan Going the Extra Mile: Distant Lending and Credit Cycles Monetary Policy & Financial Stability 0
622 Jannis Bischof, Christian Laux, Christian Leuz Accounting for Financial Stability: Lessons from the Financial Crisis and Future Challenges Monetary Policy & Financial Stability 0
611 Christian Leuz Evidence-Based Policymaking: Promise, Challenges and Opportunities for Accounting and Financial Markets Research Corporate Finance & Financial Markets 0
610 João Granja, Christian Leuz The Death of a Regulator: Strict Supervision, Bank Lending and Business Activity Monetary Policy & Financial Stability 0
609 Christian Leuz, Steffen Meyer, Maximilian Muhn, Eugene Soltes, Andreas Hackethal Who Falls Prey to the Wolf of Wall Street? Investor Participation in Market Manipulation Corporate Finance & Financial Markets 2018
608 Brandon Gipper, Luzi Hail, Christian Leuz On the Economics of Audit Partner Tenure and Rotation: Evidence from PCAOB Data Corporate Finance & Financial Markets 0
334 Christian Laux, Christian Leuz Did Fair-Value Accounting Contribute to the Financial Crisis? Insurance & Risk Transfer 2009
321 Christian Laux, Christian Leuz The Crisis of Fair Value Accounting: Making Sense of the Recent Debate Insurance & Risk Transfer 2009
676 Brandon Gipper, Luzi Hail, Christian Leuz Determinants and Career Consequences of Early Audit Partner Rotations Economics and Finance 2021