Prof. Martin Weber

Professor of Business Administration and Finance, esp. Banking
University of Mannheim, Germany

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CFS Working Papers

149 Lars Norden, Martin Weber The comovement of credit default swap, bond and stock markets: an empirical analysis Trading and Pricing in Financial Markets2004
40 Jan Pieter Krahnen, Martin Weber Generally Accepted Rating Principles: A Primer Credit Management & Credit Markets2000
44 Achim Machauer, Martin Weber Number of Bank Relationships: An Indicator of Competition, Borrower Quality, or just Size? Credit Management & Credit Markets2000
48 Antje Brunner, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Martin Weber Information Production in Credit Relationships: On the Role of Internal Ratings in Commercial Banking Credit Management & Credit Markets2000
11 Achim Machauer, Martin Weber Bank Behavior based on Internal Credit Ratings of Borrowers Credit Management & Credit Markets1998
634 Pascal Kieren, Martin Weber When saving is not enough – The wealth decumulation decision in retirement Economics and Finance0