Information that makes a difference.
"Like the German economy, Handelsblatt is European and international in its scope. The basic outlook of the newspaper is a liberal one, and its overall orientation is towards the social market economy. The editorial team adheres to a strict self-imposed rule of journalistic independence. Handelsblatt is committed to critical, analytical journalism. The editorial concept is geared towards up-to-date news, exclusive reports, reliability and objectivity – in short, to providing information that makes a difference.“
Bernd Ziesemer, Editor-in-Chief of Handelsblatt

Handelsblatt is the leading German-language financial and business newspaper. Around 200 reporters and correspondents around the world have become a byword for critical and analytical journalism and exclusive up-to-date reports on national and global events backed up by in-depth research. Handelsblatt readers belong to the decision-makers and opinion leaders in German business and society.
According to the LAE 2005 survey, 289,000 decision-makers read Handelsblatt on a regular basis – with self-employed businesspeople and management executives accounting for 88 percent of this total. With a sold circulation of 143,929 copies (IVW/2004 annual average), Handelsblatt targets more than half a million readers every day (ma II/2004). Due to its up-to-date reporting and quality journalism, Handelsblatt is the most frequently cited business medium in Germany (Medien Tenor, Q1 2005).

Handelsblatt is published every trading day from Monday to Friday with sections on "business and politics" and "companies and markets" as well as a wide range of financial and investment information.

Weekend Journal
Weekend Journal is published every Friday and is devoted to the "good things in life". The weekend extra provides tips and information as well as high entertainment value, reporting on all the aspects of modern living and lifestyle: trends, innovations and value added from the fields of shopping, automobiles and technology, fine wine and food, sports and wellness, travel and entertainment.

Karriere & Management
The weekend is when readers have time to take a closer look at topics like corporate management, personal career planning and further management training. In-depth analysis of new trends, wide-ranging background reports, career profiles and articles on general management are what make Karriere & Management an indispensable weekend supplement.

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