Kenneth Rogoff

The prize winner 2011

Uwe Walz, Kenneth Rogoff, Josef Ackermann (l. to r.)

The CFS has awarded the Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics 2011 to the US economist Kenneth Rogoff. The Jury has chosen Professor Rogoff for his pioneering contributions in the field of international finance and macroeconomics, including research on exchange rates and central bank credibility. “Kenneth Rogoff´s work on sovereign default and debt restructuring, global imbalances, and the history of financial crises is highly relevant for understanding and addressing today‘s global challenges. Professor Rogoff has not only contributed pioneering work of the greatest academic importance, he has also made his findings accessible to a broad public,” said Jury Chairman and CFS Director Uwe Walz.

The academic prize, sponsored by the Deutsche Bank Donation Fund, carries an endowment of €50,000 and is awarded biennially by the CFS in partnership with Goethe University Frankfurt. The Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics honors internationally renowned economic researchers whose work has a marked influence on research concerning questions of financial economics and macroeconomics, and has led to fundamental advances in economic theory and practice.

The award was presented to Kenneth Rogoff by Josef Ackermann (CEO of Deutsche Bank) in a ceremony to be held in Frankfurt on 22 September 2011.


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