Goethe University Frankfurt's Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, owes its existence and identity to the link forged between business and academia. In 1901, the Academy for Social and Commercial Studies was established by Wilhelm Merton, founder of the renowned German industrial organization Metallgesellschaft, as the commercial college for the city of Frankfurt. This college, the first faculty for economics and business administration of its kind in Germany, formed the nucleus for the University of Frankfurt, established in 1914 by the citizens of Frankfurt.

It was during this time that those features characteristic for the study of economics in Frankfurt emerged: a focus on theoretical analysis, the close connection between the disciplines of economics and business administration and the open approach towards a broad spectrum of theoretical, practical and policy-oriented issues.

Today, the faculty is considered one of the most attractive economics and business administration faculties in Germany. This view is shared not only by the 5000 students enrolled, but also by the numerous national and international companies regularly recruiting our graduates. It was here that Ludwig Erhard took his doctorate, Erich Gutenberg lectured and Reinhard Selten, Germany's first Nobel Laureate in Economics, received his certificate of habilitation.


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