Robert J. Shiller

The prize winner 2009

Josef Ackermann, Robert J. Shiller, Jan P. Krahnen (l. to r.)

The Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics 2009 was awarded to the U.S. economist Robert J. Shiller. "The Jury has chosen Professor Shiller for his pioneering research in the field of financial economics, relating to the dynamics of asset prices, such as fixed income, equities, and real estate, and their metrics. His work has been influential in the development of the theory as well as its implications for practice and policy-making. His contributions on risk sharing, financial market volatility, bubbles and crises, have received widespread attention among academics, practitioners and policy makers alike," said the Jury Chairman and Director of the Center for Financial Studies, Jan Pieter Krahnen. 

The award was presented to Robert Shiller by Josef Ackermann (Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee of Deutsche Bank AG) in a ceremony to be held in Frankfurt on 30 September 2009.

Prior to the award ceremony, the international academic symposium “Financial Innovation and Economic Crisis”, a scientific discussion on themes highlighted in Shiller’s work, took place at Campus Westend.