The ECB and Its Watchers XIV


Volker Wieland (Goethe University Frankfurt and CFS)


June 15, 2012

08:15 - <br />08:45<b>Registration and Coffee</b>
08:45 - <br />08:50<b>Welcome</b><br /><br /><LINK><i>Volker Wieland</i></LINK> (IMFS & CFS)<br />
08:50 - <br />09:30<b>President's Address</b><br /><br /><LINK><i>Mario Draghi</i></LINK> (President, European Central Bank)<br /><br />Lead Questions:<br /><LINK><i>Michael Wickens</i></LINK> (University of York)<br /><i>Thomas Mayer</i> (Deutsche Bank)<br />
09:30 - <br />10:30<b>Debate:</b><br /><b>What is the appropriate regulatory structure for managing systemic risk in the banking sector? What are the most important challenges for the EU in this regard?</b><br /><br />Chair: <LINK><i>Jan Krahnen</i></LINK> (CFS)<br /><br />Speakers:<br /><LINK><i>John Vickers</i></LINK> (Oxford University)<br /><LINK><i>José Campa</i></LINK> (IESE, University of Navarra)<br /><br />Lead Questions:<br /><LINK><i>Beatrice Weder di Mauro</i></LINK> (University of Mainz)
10:30 - <br />11:00<b>Coffee Break</b>
11:00 - <br />12:30<b>Debate:</b><br /><b>ECB liquidity provision in stressful times: Has it been insufficient, appropriate or excessive? Has the ECB dealt effectively with the challenges it faces in a heterogeneous monetary union?</b><br /><br />Chair: <i>Michael Binder</i> (CFS)<br /><br />Speakers:<br /><LINK><i>Peter Praet</i></LINK> (Member of the Board, European Central Bank)<br /><LINK><i>Lucrezia Reichlin</i></LINK> (London Business School)<br /><LINK><i>Willem Buiter</i></LINK> (Chief Economist, Citi Investment Research & Analysis)<br /><br />Lead Questions:<br /><LINK><i>Manfred Neumann</i></LINK> (University of Bonn)<br /><i>Luigi Buttiglione</i> (Brevan Howard Asset Management)<br />
12:30 - <br />14:00<b>Lunch</b>
14:00 - <br />14:40<b>Speech:</b><br /><b>Divergences and adjustment in the euro area</b><br /><br /><i>Vítor Gaspar (State Minister of Finance, Portugal)</i><br /><br />Chair: <LINK><i>Volker Wieland</i></LINK> (IMFS & CFS)<br /><br />Lead Questions:<br /><i>Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell</i> (formerly Member of the Board, ECB)<br /><i>Ulrich Kater</i> (Dekabank)
14:40 - <br />16:10<b>Debate:</b><br /><b>Euro area governance: Are the reform of the fiscal framework and national consolidation efforts effective in containing the sovereign debt crisis?<br />Is the burden-sharing between monetary and fiscal authorities appropriate, or has the ECB ventured too far into the fiscal domain?<br />Does the euro zone suffer from a balance-of-payments crisis?</b><br /><br />Chair: <i>Michael Binder</i> (CFS)<br /><br />Speakers:<br /><i>Lucio Pench</i> (Director Fiscal Affairs, European Commission)<br /><LINK><i>Hans-Werner Sinn</i></LINK> (President CESifo, University of Munich)<br /><LINK><i>Stefan Gerlach</i></LINK> (Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Ireland)<br /><br />Lead Questions:<br /><i>Julian Callow</i> (Barclays Capital)<br /><LINK><i>David Marsh</i></LINK> (OMFIF)<br /><i>Michael Melvin</i> (Blackrock)<br /><LINK><i>Helmut Siekmann</i></LINK> (IMFS)
16:10<b>Closing Remarks</b><br />