CFS Working Papers

Household Finance & Retail Banking

528 Christina Bannier, Milena Neubert Actual and perceived financial sophistication and wealth accumulation: The role of education and gender Household Finance & Retail Banking2016
519 Thomas Hintermaier, Winfried Koeniger Household Debt and Crises of Confidence Household Finance & Retail Banking2015Household debt, Consumer confidence, Collateral constraints, Multiple equilibria
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507 Tullio Jappelli, Mario Padula The Consumption and Wealth Effects of an Unanticipated Change in Lifetime Resources Household Finance & Retail Banking2015Severance Pay, Consumption, Wealth Accumulation
502 Lutz Hendricks, Oksana Leukhina How Risky is College Investment? Monetary Policy & Financial Stability, Household Finance & Retail Banking2015Education, College dropout risk
497 Winfried Koeniger, Julien Prat Human Capital and Optimal Redistribution Household Finance2014human capital, optimal taxation
488 Dimitris Christelis, Dimitris Georgarakos, Anna Sanz-de-Galdeano The Impact of Health Insurance on Stockholding: A Regression Discontinuity Approach Household Finance2014Health Insurance, Medicare, Stockholding, Regression Discontinuity, Household Finance
471 Dimitris Christelis, Dimitris Georgarakos, Tullio Jappelli Wealth Shocks, Unemployment Shocks and Consumption in the Wake of the Great Recession Household Finance2014Wealth Shocks, Unemployment; Consumption, Great Recession
465 Christopher D. Carroll, Jonathan A. Parker, Nicholas S. Souleles The Benefits of Panel Data in Consumer Expenditure Surveys Household Finance2014
464 Christopher D. Carroll Representing Consumption and Saving Without A Representative Consumer Household Finance2014
455 Sebastien Betermier, Laurent Calvet, Paolo Sodini Who are the Value and Growth Investors? Household Finance2014
452 John Y. Campbell, Joao Cocco A Model of Mortgage Default Household Finance2014
446 Giuseppe Bertola, Winfried Koeniger Hidden Insurance in a Moral Hazard Economy Household Finance2013
444 Jill E. Fisch, Tess Wilkinson-Ryan Why Do Retail Investors Make Costly Mistakes? An Experiment on Mutual Fund Choice Household Finance2013
442 Brigitte Haar Investor protection through model case procedures – implementing collective goals and individual rights under the 2012 Amendment of the German Capital Markets Model Case Act (KapMuG) Household Finance2013
435 Tullio Jappelli, Luigi Pistaferri Fiscal Policy and MPC Heterogeneity Household Finance2013
434 Jeffrey V. Butler, Luigi Guiso, Tullio Jappelli Manipulating Reliance on Intuition Reduces Risk and Ambiguity Aversion Household Finance2013
433 Tullio Jappelli, Mario Padula Investment in Financial Literacy, Social Security and Portfolio Choice Household Finance2013
429 Hugh H. Kim, Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell Time is Money: Life Cycle Rational Inertia and Delegation of Investment Management Household Finance2013
428 Andreas Hubener, Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell How Family Status and Social Security Claiming Options Shape Optimal Life Cycle Portfolios Household Finance2013
411 Christopher D. Carroll, Jiri Slacalek, Martin Sommer Dissecting Saving Dynamics: Measuring Wealth, Precautionary, and Credit Effects Household Finance2012
410 Marja Liisa Halko, Markku Kaustia Are Risk Preferences Dynamic? Within-subject Variation in Risk-taking as a Function of Background Music Household Finance2012
409 Annamaria Lusardi, Olivia S. Mitchell, Vilsa Curto Financial Sophistication in the Older Population Household Finance2012
408 Holger Kraft, Mogens Steffensen A Dynamic Programming Approach to Constrained Portfolios Household Finance2012
406 Dimitris Georgarakos, Michael Haliassos, Giacomo Pasini Household Debt and Social Interactions Household Finance2012
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391 Maarten van Rooij, Annamaria Lusardi, Rob Alessie Financial Literacy, Retirement Planning, and Household Wealth Household Finance2011
385 Christopher D. Carroll Theoretical Foundations of Buffer Stock Saving Household Finance2011
377 Tullio Jappelli, Mario Padula Investment in Financial Literacy and Saving Decisions Household Finance2011
365 Marcel Marekwica, Michael Stamos Optimal Life Cycle Portfolio Choice with Housing Market Cycles Household Wealth Management2011
360 Tullio Jappelli Economic Literacy: An International Comparison Household Wealth Management2011
355 Annamaria Lusardi, Olivia S. Mitchell How Ordinary Consumers Make Complex Economic Decisions: Financial Literacy and Retirement Readiness Household Wealth Management2011
354 Annamaria Lusardi, Daniel Schneider, Peter Tufano The Economic Crisis and Medical Care Usage Household Wealth Management2011
353 Annamaria Lusardi, Olivia S. Mitchell, Vilsa Curto Financial Literacy among the Young: Evidence and Implications for Consumer Policy Household Wealth Management2011
341 Dimitris Georgarakos, Giacomo Pasini Trust, Sociability and Stock Market Participation Household Wealth Management2009
340 Dimitris Christelis, Dimitris Georgarakos Investing at Home and Abroad: Different Costs, Different People? Household Wealth Management2009
328 Christopher D. Carroll Precautionary Saving and the Marginal Propensity to Consume Out of Permanent Income Household Wealth Management2009
327 Christopher D. Carroll, Olivier Jeanne A Tractable Model of Precautionary Reserves, Net Foreign Assets, or Sovereign Wealth Funds Household Wealth Management2009
326 Christopher D. Carroll, Patrick Toche A Tractable Model of Buffer Stock Saving Household Wealth Management2009
324 Christopher D. Carroll, Jiri Slacalek The American Consumer: Reforming, Or Just Resting? Household Wealth Management2009
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302 Mark Van Achter Dynamic Limit Order Market with Diversity in Trading Horizons Household Wealth Management2008
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289 Tullio Jappelli, Marco Pagano Financial Market Integration Under EMU Household Wealth Management2008
276 Maria Concetta Chiuri, Tullio Jappelli Do the elderly reduce housing equity? An international comparison Household Wealth Management2008
275 Annamaria Lusardi Financial Literacy: An Essential Tool for Informed Consumer Choice? Household Wealth Management2008
274 Annamaria Lusardi Increasing the Effectiveness of Financial Education in the Workplace Household Wealth Management2008
265 Christopher D. Carroll, Jirka Slacalek, Martin Sommer International Evidence On Sticky Consumption Growth Household Wealth Management2008
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183 Luigi Guiso, Tullio Jappelli Awareness and Stock Market Participation Household Wealth Management2005
182 Tullio Jappelli, Luigi Pistaferri Intertemporal Choice and Consumption Mobility Household Wealth Management2005
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174 Yannis Bilias, Dimitris Georgarakos, Michael Haliassos Equity Culture and the Distribution of Wealth Household Wealth Management2005
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4 Dominique Demougin, Claude Fluet A Further Justification for the Negligence Rule Household Wealth Management1998