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02. Februar 2010

The book brings together new contributions from leading scientists and experienced policymakers presented at an academic symposium on the occasion of the awarding of the Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics 2007 to...

Kategorie: Weitere Veröffentlichungen, 2010, 2010

07. Oktober 2008

The ECB Watchers Anniversary Publication was issued due to the 10th anniversary of the CFS conference series "The ECB and Its Watchers" in 2008.

Kategorie: CFS Conference Reader, 2008

17. August 2007

The CFS International Capital Flow Database

Christian J. Offermanns (Goethe University Frankfurt) / Marcus Pramor (CFS)

Kategorie: Data, 2007, International Economics, F21, F34, F32

17. August 2007

Die historische Geld- und Kapitalmarktdatenbank des CFS

Steffen Eube / Johannes Müller / Anja Weigt

Kategorie: Data, 2007