Dr. Roman Kräussl

Associate Professor
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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CFS Working Papers

99 Roman Kräussl Do Credit Rating Agencies Add to the Dynamics of Emerging Market Crises? Trading and Pricing in Financial Markets2003
418 Carmen Lee, Roman Kräussl, Leo Paas The Effect of Anticipated and Experienced Regret and Pride on Investors’ Future Selling Decisions Financial Stability and Banking Regulation2012
438 Luiz Félix, Roman Kräussl, Philip Stork The 2011 European Short Sale Ban on Financial Stocks: A Cure or a Curse? Financial Stability and Banking Regulation2013
439 Arthur Korteweg, Roman Kräussl, Patrick Verwijmeren Does it Pay to Invest in Art? A Selection-corrected Returns Perspective Financial Stability and Banking Regulation2013
492 Roman Kräussl, Elizaveta Mirgorodskaya News Media Sentiment and Investor Behavior Financial Stability and Banking Regulation2014Investor behavior, News media sentiment, Financial market crises, Pricing bubbles, Framing e ffects
493 Roman Kräussl, Thorsten Lehnert, Nicolas Martelin Is There a Bubble in the Art Market? Financial Stability and Banking Regulation2014Art market, Alternative investments, Speculative bubbles, Explosive behavior
494 Roman Kräussl Art as an Alternative Asset Class: Risk and Return Characteristics of the Middle Eastern & Northern African Art Markets Financial Stability and Banking Regulation2014Alternative investments, Art price index, Optimal Asset Allocation
495 Ronald Bosman, Roman Kräussl, Thomas van Galen Emotions-at-Risk: An Experimental Investigation into Emotions, Option Prices and Risk Perception Financial Stability and Banking Regulation2014Risk perception, emotions, affect heuristic, option prices, experiment
524 Roman Kräussl, Thorsten Lehnert, Sigita Senulyte Euro Crash Risk Monetary Policy & Financial Stability2015
523 William Schulze, David Deeds, Robert Wuebker, Roman Kräussl Toward a Pecking Order Theory of Strategic Resource Deployment Monetary Policy & Financial Stability2015Resource Acquisition, Dynamic Capabilities, Venture Capital
522 Ronald Bosman, Roman Kräussl, Elizaveta Mirgorodskaya The “Tone Effect” of News on Investor Beliefs: An Experimental Approach Monetary Policy & Financial Stability2015Tone, News, Framing Effect, Price Expectations, Investor Sentiment, Investment Decisions, Experiment
564 Roman Kräussl, Elizaveta Mirgorodskaya The Winner's Curse on Art Markets Corporate Finance & Financial Markets2016Overreaction, winner's curse, pricing estimates, repeat sale, auction, art market
565 Luiz Félix, Roman Kräussl, Philip Stork Implied Volatility Sentiment: A Tale of Two Tails Corporate Finance & Financial Markets2016Sentiment, implied volatility skew, equity-risk premium, reversals, predictability
566 Luiz Félix, Roman Kräussl, Philip Stork Single stock call options as lottery tickets Corporate Finance & Financial Markets2016Cumulative prospect theory; Market sentiment; Risk-neutral densities; Call options
567 Roman Kräussl, Thorsten Lehnert, Denitsa Stefanova The European Sovereign Debt Crisis: What Have We Learned? Corporate Finance & Financial Markets2016
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416 Robert Wuebker, William Schulze, Roman Kräussl Is Venture Capital a Local Business? A Test of the Proximity and Local Network Hypotheses Financial Stability and Banking Regulation2012
368 Roman Kräussl, André Lucas, Arjan Siegmann Risk Aversion under Preference Uncertainty Credit Management & Credit Markets2011
103 Roman Kräussl Do Changes in Sovereign Credit Ratings Contribute to Financial Contagion in Emerging Market Crises? Trading and Pricing in Financial Markets2003
104 Roman Kräussl A Critique on the Proposed Use of External Sovereign Credit Ratings in Basel II Trading and Pricing in Financial Markets2003
212 Bea Canto, Roman Kräussl Stock Market Interactions and the Impact of Macroeconomic News – Evidence from High Frequency Data of European Futures Markets Credit Management & Credit Markets2006
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219 Rachel A. Campbell, Roman Kräussl Does Patience Pay? Empirical Testing of the Option to Delay Accepting a Tender Offer in the U.S. Banking Sector Credit Management & Credit Markets2006
220 Siem Jan Koopman, Roman Kräussl, André Lucas, André Monteiro Credit Cycles and Macro Fundamentals Credit Management & Credit Markets2006
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266 Roman Kräussl, Alan Muller Do Markets Love Misery? Stock Prices and Corporate Philanthropic Disaster Response Credit Management & Credit Markets2008
267 Niels van Elsland, Roman Kräussl Constructing the True Art Market Index - A Novel 2-Step Hedonic Approach and its Application to the German Art Market Credit Management & Credit Markets2008
346 Roman Kräussl, Stefan Krause Are particular industries more likely to succeed? A comparative analysis of VC investment in the U.S. and Europe Credit Management & Credit Markets2011
347 Roman Kräussl, Christian Wiehenkamp A Call on Art Investments Credit Management & Credit Markets2011
348 Narasimhan Jegadeesh, Roman Kräussl, Joshua Pollet Risk and Expected Returns of Private Equity Investments: Evidence Based on Market Prices Credit Management & Credit Markets2011
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