Prof. Christopher D. Carroll

Professor of Economics
John Hopkins University, United States

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CFS Working Papers

No. Researcher Title Category Year Keywords
172 Christopher D. Carroll The Method of Endogenous Gridpoints for Solving Dynamic Stochastic Optimization Problems Household Wealth Management 2005
464 Christopher D. Carroll Representing Consumption and Saving Without A Representative Consumer Household Finance 2014
411 Christopher D. Carroll, Jiri Slacalek, Martin Sommer Dissecting Saving Dynamics: Measuring Wealth, Precautionary, and Credit Effects Household Finance 2012
385 Christopher D. Carroll Theoretical Foundations of Buffer Stock Saving Household Finance 2011
328 Christopher D. Carroll Precautionary Saving and the Marginal Propensity to Consume Out of Permanent Income Household Wealth Management 2009
327 Christopher D. Carroll, Olivier Jeanne A Tractable Model of Precautionary Reserves, Net Foreign Assets, or Sovereign Wealth Funds Household Wealth Management 2009
326 Christopher D. Carroll, Patrick Toche A Tractable Model of Buffer Stock Saving Household Wealth Management 2009
324 Christopher D. Carroll, Jiri Slacalek The American Consumer: Reforming, Or Just Resting? Household Wealth Management 2009
265 Christopher D. Carroll, Jirka Slacalek, Martin Sommer International Evidence On Sticky Consumption Growth Household Wealth Management 2008
222 Christopher D. Carroll, Misuzu Otsuka, Jirka Slacalek How Large Is the Housing Wealth Effect? A New Approach Household Wealth Management 2006
189 Christopher D. Carroll, Miles S. Kimball Precautionary Saving and Precautionary Wealth Household Wealth Management 2006
465 Christopher D. Carroll, Jonathan A. Parker, Nicholas S. Souleles The Benefits of Panel Data in Consumer Expenditure Surveys Household Finance 2014