Christos Koulovatianos

Professor of Macroeconomics
University of Luxembourg, United Kingdom

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CFS Working Papers

No. Researcher Title Category Year Keywords
262 Charles Grant, Christos Koulovatianos, Alex Michaelides, Mario Padula Evidence on the Insurance Effect of Marginal Income Taxes Central Banking & Monetary Economics 2008
626 Zaruhi Hakobyan, Christos Koulovatianos Populism and Polarization in Social Media Without Fake News: the Vicious Circle of Biases, Beliefs and Network Homophily Economics and Finance 0
614 Christos Koulovatianos, Dimitris Mavridis Increasing Taxes After a Financial Crisis: Not a Bad Idea After All... Monetary Policy & Financial Stability 0
613 John Donaldson, Christos Koulovatianos, Jian Li, Rajnish Mehra Demographics and FDI: Lessons from China’s One-Child Policy Economics and Finance 0
589 Christos Koulovatianos, Jian Li, Fabienne Weber Market Fragility and the Paradox of the Recent Stock-Bond Dissonance Corporate Finance & Financial Markets 2017
568 Joshua Goldstein, Christos Koulovatianos, Jian Li, Carsten Schröder Evaluating How Child Allowances and Daycare Subsidies Affect Fertility Economics and Finance 2017
508 Carolina Achury, Christos Koulovatianos, John Tsoukalas Political Economics of External Sovereign Defaults Monetary Policy & Financial Stability 2015 sovereign debt, rent seeking, world interest rates, international lending, incentive compatibility, tragedy of the commons, EU crisis, Grexit, Graccident
489 Sylwia Hubar, Christos Koulovatianos, Jian Li Fitting Parsimonious Household-Portfolio Models to Data Monetary Policy and Financial Markets 2014 Epstein-Zin-Weil recursive preferences, subsistence consumption, household-portfolio shares, business equity, wealth inequality
484 Christos Koulovatianos, Carsten Schröder, Ulrich Schmidt Do Demographics Prevent Consumer Aggregates from Reflecting Micro-Level Preferences? Monetary Policy and Financial Markets 2014 Linear Aggregation, Dynamic Representative Consumer, Household-Size Economies, Equivalent Incomes, Survey Method
376 Carolina Achury, Sylwia Hubar, Christos Koulovatianos Saving Rates and Portfolio Choice with Subsistence Consumption Monetary Policy and Financial Markets 2011
280 Christos Koulovatianos, Carsten Schröder, Ulrich Schmidt Confronting the Robinson Crusoe paradigm with household-size heterogeneity Central Banking & Monetary Economics 2008
638 Christos Koulovatianos, Zaruhi Hakobyan Symmetric Markovian Games of Commons with Potentially Sustainable Endogenous Growth Economics and Finance 2019