The ECB and Its Watchers VIII


Volker Wieland (Goethe University Frankfurt and CFS)


May 5, 2006

8:15 a.m. - <br>8:45 a.m. <b>Registration and Coffee</b>
8:45 a.m. <b>Welcome</b><br><br><LINK>Volker Wieland</LINK> (Goethe University Frankfurt; Director, CFS)
8:45 a.m. - <br>10:15 a.m. <b>Panel I (Part 1): ECB Watch - Current Policy Performance and New Challenges</b><br><br><i>Chair:</i> Volker Wieland<br><br><i>Panel Speakers:</i><br>Elga Bartsch (Executive Director, Morgan Stanley)<br><LINK>Giancarlo Corsetti</LINK> (European University Institute and CEPR)<br>Peter Hooper (Chief US Economist, Deutsche Bank)<br>Angel Ubide (Director of Global Economics, Tudor Investment)<br><LINK>Manfred Neumann</LINK> (University of Bonn)
10:15 a.m. - <br>10:45 a.m. <b>Coffee Break</b>
10:45 a.m. - <br>11:45 a.m. <b>Panel I (Part 2): ECB Watch - Review of the ECB's Strategy and Alternative Approaches</b><br><br><i>Chair:</i> Volker Wieland<br><br><i>Panel Speakers:</i><br>Huw Pill (Head of Monetary Policy Stance Division, European Central Bank)<br><LINK>Jan Qvigstad</LINK> (Executive Director and Chief Economist, Bank of Norway)<br><LINK>Richard Clarida</LINK> (Global Strategy Adviser Pimco and Columbia University)<br><LINK>Athanasios Orphanides</LINK> (Adviser Division of Monetary Affairs, Federal Reserve Board)
11:45 a.m. <b>Reply to Panel I and Discussion</b><br><br><LINK>Otmar Issing</LINK> (Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank)
12:30 p.m. - <br> 1:30 p.m. <b>Lunch Break</b>
1:30 p.m. <b>The ECB and Its Watchers: 1999-2006</b><br><br><LINK>Axel A. Weber</LINK> (President, Deutsche Bundesbank)
1:45 p.m. - <br>3:30 p.m. <b>Panel II: The Revised Stability and Growth Pact - Is It Working?</b><br><br><i>Chair:</i> Wolfgang Schill (Director General DG Economics, European Central Bank)<br><br><i>Panel Speakers:</i><br><LINK>José Manuel González-Páramo</LINK> (Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank)<br>Michael Hüther (Director, Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft)<br><LINK>Lars Calmfors</LINK> (Stockholm University)<br>Servaas Deroose (Director Economy of the Euro Area and the Union, European Commission)
3:30 p.m. - <br>4:00 p.m. <b>Coffee Break</b>
4:00 p.m. - <br>5:45 p.m. <b>Panel III: On the Road to the Euro? Progress and Prospects of New EU Members</b><br><br><i>Chair:</i> <link>Lucrezia Reichlin</link> (Director General Research, European Central Bank)<br><br><i>Panel Speakers:</i><br><LINK>Lucas Papademos</LINK> (Vice-President, European Central Bank)<br>Györgi Szapáry (Deputy Governor, Magyar Nemzeti Bank/The Central Bank of Hungary)<br><LINK>Willem Buiter</LINK> (London School of Economics)<br><LINK>Daniel Gros</LINK> (Director, CEPS)
5:45 p.m. <b>Concluding Remarks</b><br><br>Otmar Issing<br><br>