The ECB and Its Watchers XIII


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Volker Wieland (Goethe University Frankfurt and CFS)


June 10, 2011

08:15 - <br />08:45<b>Registration and Coffee</b>
08:45 - <br />08:50<b>Welcome</b><br /><br /><LINK><i>Volker Wieland</i></LINK> (Center for Financial Studies)<br />
08:50 - <br />09:30<b>President's Address</b><br /><br /><LINK><i>Jean-Claude Trichet</i></LINK> (European Central Bank)<br /><br />Lead questions:<br /><LINK><i>Gerhard Illing</i></LINK> (University of Munich)<br /><i>James Nixon</i></LINK> (Société Génerale)<br />
09:30 - <br />10:30<b>Debate:</b><br /><b>Is European bank systemic risk sufficiently contained or further effort needed? How effective is the new European macro-prudential architecture? What is the interaction with monetary policy?</b><br /><br />Chair:<br /><LINK><i>Volker Wieland</i></LINK> (CFS)<br /><br />Speakers: <br /><LINK><i>Vítor Constâncio</i></LINK> (Vice-President, European Central Bank)<br /><LINK><i>Martin Hellwig</i></LINK> (MPI for Collective Goods, Bonn) <br /><br />Lead questions:<br /><LINK><i>Ulrich Kater</i></LINK> (Dekabank)<br /><LINK><i>Sylvester Eijffinger</i></LINK> (Tilburg University)<br />
10:30 - <br />11:00<b>Coffee Break</b>
11:00 - <br />12:30<b>Debate:</b><br /><b>How to ensure fiscal stability in the Euro area: Does the reform of the institutional framework provide sufficient tools for managing crises and maintaining fiscal discipline? Are the consolidation programs of national authorities adequate?</b><br /><br />Chair:<br /><LINK><i>Michael Binder</i></LINK> (CFS)<br /><br />Speakers:<br /><LINK><i>Klaus Regling</i></LINK> (CEO, European Financial Stability Facility)<br /><LINK><i>Jordi Gali</i></LINK> (CREI and Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)<br /><LINK><i>Clemens Fuest</i></LINK> (Oxford University)<br /><br />Lead questions:<br /><LINK><i>Daniel Gros</i></LINK> (CEPS)<br /><LINK><i>Karl Whelan</i></LINK> (University College Dublin)<br /><br />
12:30 - <br />13:45<b>Lunch Break</b>
13:45 - <br />14:45<b>Discussion:</b><br /><b>How should monetary policy respond to asset prices? What about the role of exchange rate arrangements and international reserves? What is the danger of international imbalances? Is there a need to reform the international monetary system?</b><br /><br /><i>Moderator: <LINK>Volker Wieland</LINK></i><br /><br />Speakers:<br /><LINK> <i>Donald Kohn</i></LINK> (Brookings Institution, formerly Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)<br /><LINK> <i>Min Zhu</i></LINK> (International Monetary Fund, Special Advisor to the Managing Director)<br /><br />Lead questions:<br /><LINK><i>David Marsh</i></LINK> (OMFIF)<br /><LINK><i>Agnès Bénassy-Quéré</i></LINK> (CEPII)<br /><LINK><i>Michael Melvin</i></LINK> (Blackrock)<br />
14:45 - <br />15:15<b>Coffee Break</b>
15:15 - <br />16:15<b>Debate:</b><br /><b>Return to normality: How to maintain price stability, sustain economic recovery and normalize liquidity supply? </b><br /><br />Chair:<br /><LINK><i>Michael Binder</i></LINK> (CFS)<br /><br />Speakers:<br /><LINK><i>Jürgen Stark</i></LINK> (Member of the Board, European Central Bank)<br /><LINK><i>Julian Callow</i></LINK> (Barclays Capital)<br /><br />Lead questions: <br /><LINK <i>Jason Cummins</i></LINK> (Brevan Howard)<br /><LINK><i>Joachim Scheide</i></LINK> (IfW Kiel)<br />
16:15<b>Closing Remarks</b><br />

The following presentations are available for download:


Introduction: Volker Wieland

Presentation: Klaus Regling

Presentation: Clemens Fuest

Presentation: Jordi Galí

Presentation: Julian Callow


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