The Center for Financial Studies

conducts independent and internationally oriented research in important areas of Finance. It serves as a forum for dialogue between academia, policy-making institutions and the financial industry. It offers a platform for top-level fundamental research as well as applied research relevant for the financial sector in Europe.

CFS People
Otmar Issing, CFS Präsident

"Good policy needs rigorous, state-of-the-art economic analysis, combined with sound judgement. It is necessary to critically mirror the "new" against the "old" – both in theory and with regard to political circumstances. Economic research conducted in such a way remains theory, but a theory that does not solely rely on a model."

Otmar Issing, CFS President

CFS Presidential Activities

Memorandum on the ECB’s Monetary Policy
4. October 2019 - Otmar Issing and further leading former central bankers in Europe on ECB monetary policy. The F.A.Z. documents their memorandum in the English original

22 November 2019
13:45 - 14:45
Die Veranstaltung ist Teil der CFS Presidential Lecture Reihe, die unter der Schirmherrschaft von Otmar Issing, Präsident des CFS, steht.
CFS Presidential Lecture

The MIT Press BOOK: "The Long Journey of Central Bank Communication"

By Otmar Issing
From Karl Brunner Distinguished Lecture Series
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CFS Research Network - MIGGROPRICES

Employing novel and very comprehensive (“big data”) sets of micro prices (at the retail product level) the research network MIGGROPRICES aims at contributing to this literature by providing new insights into the nature of price setting. Moreover, research conducted in the context of MIGGROPRICES addresses questions related to (inter-)national goods market integration, the pass-through of costs to prices and issues of competitiveness.