Macroprudential policies in the Euro area: issues for the next ten years

04 Juni 2014
12:30  - 14:00
HZ 14, Lecture Room Building, Goethe University

Valerie Herzberg, Member of the Cabinet of Herman Van Rompuy, President of the EU Council

The global and euro area crises have triggered many micro prudential regulatory changes designed to safeguard financial soundness. In the Euro area, the banking union will further encourage centralised decision-making as regards the supervision and resolution of banks. Less progress has been made in developing a consensus on the specific way in which macroprudential measures should be designed, triggered, and coordinated with other policy actions, in seeking to boost structural resilience or to pre-empt or dampen destabilising trends in the economy.

You can download the paper (pdf) as basis for the discussion here.

The lecture is part of the CFS Lecture Series on the Order of Money.

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