The future of European capital markets

29 November 2016
16:30  - 18:00

Carsten Kengeter, CEO, Deutsche Börse AG


Scepticism towards further European integration has been growing in recent years. However, in the face of increasing global competition, integration is now more necessary than ever. If moving towards greater EU fiscal union looks less politically feasible today, then Capital Markets Union is a natural adaptation that puts European integration back on a firm footing. CMU looks to drive more efficient allocation of capital throughout Europe by developing non-bank sources of funding – small and medium-sized businesses, and in fact entrepreneurs generally, will greatly benefit. This, in turn, will improve Europe’s global competitiveness. However, technical and policy measures will not suffice. We must foster a growth culture, which brings together entrepreneurship and social responsibility, and facilitates innovation in the real economy. How can capital markets participants and financial infrastructure providers contribute to this project?

The photos are available here. 

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