Book Presentation: Reputational Risk Management in Financial Institutions

30 June 2015
17:00  - 19:00

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kaiser, KPMG AG and Goethe University, Petra Merl, UniCredit Bank AG

In this lecture, Prof. Dr. Thomas Kaiser (KPMG AG and Goethe University) and Petra Merl (UniCredit Bank AG) present their book on Reputational Risk Management. Reputational Risk Management in Financial Institutions charts the history and evolution of this relatively new discipline, discussing how it is managed, mitigated, and regulated. Seasoned authors from UniCredit, UBS, EIB and a number of other leading banks, insurance companies, regulators, universities and consultancies cover topics such as corporate governance aspects, risk culture and social risks, public relations and perception, reputational risk management practices in banks and insurance companies and the regulatory response to reputational risk management.


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