CFS Conference on Reputational Risk Management

03 March 2016
House of Finance, Campus Westend, Goethe University Frankfurt

The objective of this conference is to bring together European researchers and practitioners on reputational risk management to discuss current research on topics where practitioners see a need for additional research.

Conference Organizer

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kaiser, Goethe University and KPMG


On March 3rd, a CFS/FIRM conference on Reputational Risk Management in Financial Institutions took place in the House of Finance. The event, which has been organized by Thomas Kaiser (Goethe University and KPMG) and sponsored by Frankfurt Institute of Risk Management and Regulation (FIRM) has been attended by more than 80 participants. The idea was bringing together risk managers of banks and insurance companies, regulators, academics and other professionals to discuss current topics of this fairly new and important risk type.

Speakers and panelists were composed of several authors of the book Reputational Risk Management in Financial Institutions (edited by Thomas Kaiser and Petra Merl) as well as several members of the Executive Committee and Advisory Board of FIRM. 

The conference kicked off with a panel discussion on the importance of Reputational Risk in banks. The panel included Manuela Better (DekaBank), Wolfgang Hartmann (FIRM) and Jürgen Steffan (Wüstenrot). Five presentations on various aspects of Reputational Risk Management, including two hands-on examples of implementations in major German banks, followed. The conference concluded with a panel discussion by Mike Finlay (RiskBusiness), Ralf Kauther (vwd) and Thomas Kaiser on the future of Reputational Risk Management.

The audience engaged very actively both in the panel discussion as well as in reaction to the presentations, demonstrating that the topic is of high relevancy both for academia as well as for practitioners.


Presentations as pdf:
Panel Discussion: The Importance of Reputational Risk in Banks
  • Manuela Better, DekaBank
  • Wolfgang Hartmann, FIRM
  • Jürgen Steffan, Wüstenrot Bausparkasse
Panel Discussion: Reputational Risk - the future
  • Mike Finlay, RiskBusiness
  • Thomas Kaiser, Goethe University and KPMG
  • Ralf Kauther, vwd group
  • Frank Romeike, RISK.NET, tbc

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