Frankfurt Summit on Network Analysis

26 October 2017
09:30  - 17:30

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Network Analysis in Financial Services

This conference is jointly organised by Uhlenbruch-Verlag, Firamis and CFS.


Leading industry experts and academics in the field of big data, artificial intelligence, and network analysis will meet decision makers in banks, asset management and insurance companies. Furthermore investors, fintech community shapers, data engineers, data scientists, developers, IT architects, data base experts, VCs, accelerators, incubators and researchers from across the world will join us, too.

Big data is perhaps currently better described as "Big Bubble", like the Wizard of Oz it means different things to different people. Artificial intelligence furthermore has become a huge hype too. Asset and portfolio managers became robo advisors over night without even having the right prerequisites or respective skillsets just to be associated with the perception of sophistication.
In the "Frankfurt Summit on Network Analysis" diverse speakers from academia and practice will show what`s possible and what not and how artificial intelligence is literally absent in its application in the financial services industry, despite its prominence in media coverage.
The aim of this conference which is the first of its kind in Germany or Europe is to provide a realistic perspective on the role of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Network Analysis, and put things into context by experts who have been a vital part of this industry for over a decade, and have pioneered different aspects of the value chain.



CONFERENCE COSTS: The conference fee is € 285 net (plus VAT).

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