Corporate Finance & Financial Markets





Prof. Dr. Uwe Walz

The purpose of the research area "Corporate Finance & Financial Markets" is to advocate research on corporate governance of financial institutions as well as financial markets and thereby compile direct policy implications and regulation proposals. The research activities in the area involve academics as well as practitioners and representatives of the regulatory authorities. It is intended to organize conferences, workshops and roundtable discussions in order to present the research results and to discuss current developments that are of relevance to the industry. The research results should be disseminated in the CFS working paper series as well as in academic and applied journals.

The CFS is a partner of the Global Coporate Governance Colloquia.

Research Agenda 2014 - 2015

  • Law and Finance of shareholder rights in financial institutions
  • Corporate Venture Capital and its different role vis-a-vis their portfolio firm
  • Compensation, risk taking and leverage in financial firms
  • Financing young firms and the role of legal institutions
  • Determinants of OTC Trading in European Equities
  • Competition/Fragmentation in Equities Markets
  • High Frequency Trading

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