Research Networks

Global Corporate Governance Colloquia

A number of leading universities and research institutions worldwide joined forces in 2013 to form the Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC). For an initial period of 12 years, the best research in law and finance relating to corporate governance each year will be brought together at a conference held at 12 major universities that are leaders in the field of law and finance in the Americas, Asia and Europe. The launch conference will be held at Stanford University in June 2015. CFS is one of the 12 academic partners of the network. The others are Columbia Law School, Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School and Yale Law School from the U.S., London Business School, the University of Oxford and the Swedish House of Finance from Europe, National University of Singapore, Peking University, Seoul National University and the University of Tokyo from Asia.

Website of the GCGC

MIGGROPRICES - Macroeconomic Insights from aGGRegating evidence on micrO PRICE Setting

The increasing availability of comprehensive micro data sets, conceptional progress in dealing with idiosyncratic heterogeneity and considerably improved computational facilities have boosted an area in economic research that employs granular data to improve macroeconomic modelling and draw macroeconomic implications. Employing novel and very comprehensive (“big data”) sets of micro prices (at the retail product level) the research network MIGGROPRICES aims at contributing to this literature by providing new insights into the nature of price setting. Moreover, research conducted in the context of MIGGROPRICES addresses questions related to (inter-)national goods market integration, the pass-through of costs to prices and issues of competitiveness.


Fellow Network

The CFS has created a unique academic network of research fellows comprising more than 100 renowned scholars from leading universities and research institutions worldwide who conduct research in the area of finance.

CFS Fellows